Red hot chili pepper 3D tattoo.

Red hot chili pepper lower back 3D tattoo.


Beautiful Lower Back Tattoos for Women


There are various designs for these tattoos. You can also experiment a lot here, as a lot of space is available. Just take an idea from one of the basic tattoo designs and add your creativity to it!


Heart Tattoos


The beauty of the heart tattoos is bought out the best when they are done on the lower back. And that's the reason why heart lower back tattoos have gained so much of popularity.
There are many designs available in heart tattoos and you can choose according to your personal liking. If you want some delicate design, you can go for the design of a simple shaded heart. Ask the tattoo artist to fill red color for the heart and gray, black or brown color for the shade. Alternatively, you can keep the same design but fill the heart with some images, like a valley or waves. They look simply cool! But remember to cover only the half heart with the image, as it makes it realistic. Other designs available are: heart with angel wings, broken heart, stitched heart, or even a cupid struck heart! Tribal heart tattoos for women also look good and more unique than others.

Tribal Tattoos


Whichever category it might be, tribal tattoos are a must in each category! Tribal tattoos for women are not much different from tribal tattoos for men. There are various categories available in tribal tattoos, such Polynesian tattoo, Maori tattoos, tribal dragon tattoos, etc. To make your tribal tattoo easily visible, get it done in the traditional tribal black ink, in bold strokes. And to make it look different from guys tribal tattoos, get some design like tribal butterfly or tribal rose tattoo done. Guys definitely won't go for these designs! If you don't want any girlish design, than go for tribal cross tattoo or tribal sun tattoo. A tribal dragon tattoo also looks more 'boyish'.

Floral Tattoos


The next popular design is the floral design. What can look more beautiful and sensuous on a woman's lower back than a delicate vine with cherry blossoms! And for this reason exactly, floral designs for lower back are famous amongst women. You can let go your imagination for floral designs, as any kind of flower will be counted as a floral design! The famous floral designs are; rose, Hawaiian flower tattoos, white lilies, cherry blossom, calla lily tulip, jasmine, lotus, buttercup, bluebell, daisy, hibiscus etc. Floral tattoo designs look the best when various colors are added to them. So to make your lower back tattoo innovative, taint it with many different colors! Along with flower tattoos, you can also depict vines and small fruits like cherries on it. Butterfly tattoos on back are as popular as floral tattoos, so you can show different delicately colored butterflies on your fruit and flower clad vine! To make it different, you can add a tribal butterfly on a floral design.


Celtic Tattoos


Celtic tattoos for women are a rage today! Celtic tattoos have some specific meanings, so before getting a Celtic tattoo done, it is better to know what it means. Celtic lower backs consists of mainly four designs; spirals, loops, triangles and knots. Whichever Celtic design it might be, it will always be interconnected. In general, Celtic tattoos are said to symbolize the never ending chain of love and faith. Heart tattoos are also a part of Celtic tattoos and the most famous Celtic heart tattoo is the 'claddagh' (it is a crowned heart, held by two hands). Celtic tattoos can also work as small lower back tattoos for women.

Big or small, whichever design you choose, do not forget to take tattoo care. Because only if you take proper care, will you be able to go shopping for your brand new low waist jeans; for flaunting your new lower back tattoo!

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