Handsome, dragonfly 3D tattoo for girls by Oleg Turyanskiy.

Handsome, dragonfly 3D tattoo by Oleg Turyanskiy

Oleg Turyanskiy tattoo artist:


Traveling tattoo artist based in Moscow, Russia.
Having confessed that the idea of ink under the skin scared him as a child, and that his mother was ready to kill him upon getting his first tattoo,
Oleg Turyanskiy was perhaps not the most likely candidate for a tattoo artist. Yet 2010 marks the tenth year of Oleg’s strong career and ever-growing portfolio of diverse work.
Oleg Turyanskiy opened his first tattoo studio in September 2000, and when he is not spending his time as a traveling artist visiting all corners of the globe, he resides in Moscow in his native Russia where he successfully runs ‘Oleg’s Private Studio and Art Gallery’.


Dragonfly Tattoo Meaning:


Dragonflies are beautiful creatures and some girls consider them an alternative to getting a butterfly tattoo. However, they are much more than that. These are hardy and incredibly quick insects. They hover where they like, oblivious to what is around them because, for the most part, they have nothing to worry about.
Dragonflies are also usually only seen in hotter climes and there is considered to be something exotic about this creature. When it is seen in colder parts, it often comes as a bit of a surprise which adds to the intrigue about this insect.

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