Beautiful color peacock tattoo for girls.

Beautiful color peacock tattoo for girls.

Symbolic Meaning of peacock tattoos:

Peacocks can represent several different things in different cultures. However, what immediately comes to the mind with the mention of its name is, beauty and elegance. However, this bird also stands for pride and arrogance, as implied by the maxim, 'proud as a peacock'. The peacock is the national bird of India, and holds a sacred place in Indian culture.
This bird can be found in a large number of Indian temples, and is known for its ability to kill snakes. It has the reputation of being immune to snakebites, while its blood is believed to be effective in driving away the evil spirit. The peacock is also the magnificent bird, whose feathers were used by the Lord Krishna to adorn his hair.

Muslim legends, on the other hand, speak about the presence of peacock at the gate of paradise. The peculiar pattern of the feathers of a peacock is compared to eyes, and so, this bird is known to possess a hundred eyes. According to a myth, these eyes are able to see the hidden transgressions.

The peacock was once used to symbolize the all-seeing church. In early Christianity, peacock was also the symbol of resurrection, for its unique quality to get more beautiful and attractive feathers, each time it sheds the old ones. So, in Christianity, Hinduism, and Islam, the peacock can be found to have an association with divinity. However, in the ancient myths of Egypt, Greece, and Rome, the peacock and its feathers were associated with completely different things. The peacock feathers were considered to be the 'evil eyes' in these cultures.

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